Twitcherz Mobile


Logging your sightings couldn't be easier with Twitcherz Mobile, a mobile app that runs through the browser. Simply log your sightings on the go and upload them to the Twitcherz website whenever you are online.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need internet access to use the application?

You will need internet access to perform the initial set-up and to synchronise your sightings. You do not need internet access to log a sighting. The app will be cached within your browser and you can log your sightings wherever you are.

What details are logged for me?

You pick the bird and the app will record the date, time, your GPS location (assuming you have given permission) and, of course, the selected bird.

How do I synchronise the sightings with the Twitcherz website?

Within Twitcherz Mobile on your device, go to Sightings and tap the button to synchronise your sightings.

Will it work on my device?

It depends. Your browser and device will need to support HTML5 local storage and geolocation technologies. When you first get started, the application will run an initial check on your device and let you know if it will support Twitcherz mobile.

How do I get started?

With your device, navigate to here with your preferred browser. An initial system check will be performed, after which you will be asked which twitcher you wish to represent. Once this is all done, you are ready to start using Twitcherz Mobile.