Whats New in Twitcherz

December 2020 Altered Maps to use Open Street Map for mapping software.
October 2017 Added Journal summary web page to show a summary of twitching sessions.
April 2017 Added Journal entry web page to show details of a single session. Added links to the page from the Map, Session Review and view sightings web pages.
April 2017 Enhanced the upload of Twitcherz mobile sightings to summarise sighting details (session time and location) and split sessions more accurately
March 2017 Added Map web page to show geo-tagged sightings on a map
July 2016 Added Family Trends web page showing changes in bird populations based upon bird families.
July 2016 Added Whats New web page to show the latest features and pages added to the Twitcherz website.
July 2016 Added Credits web page to list credits for website content contributions.