Most Interesting Country (Statistically) Survey

196 countries · 24 metrics · 12 months · 1 winner (or possibly more if there's a tie)

The purpose of the survey is to judge which country of the world is the most interesting - statistically. There is good reason to think that a country identified thus is likely to be an interesting country in its own right and therefore worthy of further study and perhaps visitations.

Final Standings

154 of the 196 countries have been awarded at least 1 point
*Points scored in the most recent metric



Most Consistent Scorers

The countries that have most consistently scored points. Shown here is the total number of metrics each country has scored points within.


Dullest countries

The dullest, or most mediocre, countries based on the least total points scored and the Average Distance from the Median Position (ADMP) for all metrics.


How it works


Points are assigned to countries for being interesting. The country with the most points at the end of the year will be considered the most interesting country - statistically speaking.


Points will be assigned to countries based on metrics. Metrics are standard measures of the country such as population, size, growth rate etc.

A sample of 24 metrics will be chosen at random from a selection of interesting candidate metrics. 2 metrics will be scored each calendar month.

Points scoring

Countries will be assigned points on how interesting they are within each selected metric.

20 points will be assigned for the highest and lowest country within a selected metric.

15, 12, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points will then be assigned respectively for the second to tenth highest and lowest.

In the event of a tie where metric values are identical, all tied countries will score the number of points of the lowest placed country in that range of countries.

Special considerations

Special considerations are made when the metric value is uncertain or there is not sufficient information about the metric for all countries involved.

Full details of the survey proposal can be seen here.